• Dysphagia Cup, Holds upto 8oz

    25.99 р.
    Dysphagia Cup helps in drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest which gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work. Its design helps prevent liquids from escaping at the lips
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  • Maddak The Hydrant Liquid Drink

    59.75 р.
    Maddak The Hydrant Liquid Drink Device is a simple solution to the potentially life threatening issues caused by dehydration and closes the gap between the drinker and the drink. It
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  • Medline Straw Holder, Drinking Straw

    8.99 р.
    Medline Straw Holder allows the holder to clip onto any cup rim and helps to keep the straw in place.
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  • Three Compartment Scoop Dish, Scoop

    42.75 р.
    Three Compartment Scoop Dish is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate with a textured eating surface that resists scratching. It has 8-1/2 diameter with 1/2 lip and thick 1
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  • Homecraft Lightweight Foam-Handled Cutlery, Knife

    10.99 р.
    Homecraft Lightweight Foam-Handled Cutlery is made of sculptured closed-cell foam with finger contours in the 1-1/4 diameter handle. This stainless steel utensil is not dishwasher safe but BPA, Phthalates
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  • SureFit Plastic Food Guard, Orange

    9.99 р.
    SureFit Plastic Food Guard hugs the rim of a dish securely. It is designed to help the scooped food fall back onto the utensil, thus reducing spills off the edge
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  • Deluxe Built-Up Foam Utensils, Teaspoon

    8.75 р.
    Deluxe Built-Up Foam Utensils have soft, contoured closed cell foam handles. Offset spoons are designed for decreased wrist motion. These are made of stainless steel and can be removed from
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  • Comfort Grip Curved Utensils, Teaspoon

    13.24 р.
    Comfort Grip Curved Utensils has 7/8 inch diameter handles with molded finger grips and curved design that minimize upper extremity movement. The top-shelf is dishwasher safe and is latex free.
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  • Maddak Eating Scooper Plate with

    22.39 р.
    Maddak Eating Scooper Plate With Suction Cup Base features High rim and reverse curve on one side aids in scooping food onto a utensil without spilling. The bottom of the
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  • Lip Closure Spoon, Large, Each

    21.29 р.
    Lip Closure Spoon is specially designed for individuals who have difficulty with lip closure when eating. Unique sloping wall design provides tactile cue for the upper lip. It encourages user
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  • Milestones EasieEaters Curved Utensils Set

    18.65 р.
    Milestones EasieEaters Curved Utensils are angled utensils that promote greater success with hand-to-mouth feeding. These are designed by an OT and features safety shield which prevent utensils from entering mouth
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  • Kinsman Weighted Dining Kit, Kit

    143.99 р.
    Kinsman Weighted Dining Kit includes the basic dining products for persons with Parkinsons disease and other illnesses that cause tremors. It includes solid stainless steel utensils, an insulated weighted bowl
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  • Medline Adjustable Weighted Utensils, Knife

    17.99 р.
    Adjustable weighted utensils are used for individuals with tremors. The weight in these utensils helps to stabilize the hand.
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